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"The Eight Best Indepedent Bookstores in Chicago"

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Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Cannabis

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A Beginner’s Guide to Private Jets”

Put Valentine’s Day on Autopilot

8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Browser Run at Lightspeed



"Treadwell Park on the UES Brewed for LI"

"Polo Red Extreme Launches for Daredevils"

"John Varvatos' Dark Rebel Rider Rides Into Town"

"New Marine Scents to Awaken Your Inner Seafarer" 

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City Pulse

"Superbowl LI: Where to 'Tailgate' in Style in NYC"

"Tap Into These Breweries for NYC’s Beer Week"

"Some Brews for the New York State of Mind"

"Nolcha Shows Designs of Home"

"America’s Got Talent: High Hopes & Down to Earth Talent"

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"Trump and scientific research a feared experiment"

"Astronauts' spines shrink 19 percent in space new study"

"Is the Great Barrier Reef now extinct?"

"Ancient comet strike traced to massive global warming"

"On climate change, Trump and Clinton voters diverge in a wood new Pew study"

"Cord blood transplant may be better alternative treatment for patients with leukemia" 

"Most humpback whales to be removed from endangered species list, others remain"

"NASA probe came up dry from Mars dark streak study"

"Poverty can now be tracked from space"

"How fins morphed to fingers found in new evolution study"

"Brain-eating amoeba in Charlotte freshwater claims Ohio teenager"

"Physicists develop algorithm that targets ISIS social media postings to predict attacks"

"Facebook Messenger now allows SMS to beat SMS"

"Scientists discover a 'love' gene"

"Researchers studying powerful mantis shrimp "thumb-splitters" clubs for armor" 

"How much does our galaxy weigh? About 700 billion suns"

"Researchers found the most effective treatment for ADHD"

"Zika found to spread within and pass through the placenta: new study"

"How far away are we from creating an artificial human being?" 

"Ancient canid bone reveals that dogs could have been omnivores" 

"Europa report: subsurface ocean is generating heat" 

"Human sacrifices meant to separate classes new study"

"Great Barrier Reef under threat from climate change new study" 

"Rare images of comet silhouette captured by spacecraft"

"Nearby alien planet could host Earth-like life"

"Another planet may be to blame for dinosaur's extinction"

"CDC advises sexual inactivity if returning, visiting Zika regions"

"Heart attacks claiming younger more obese people study finds"

"FDA approves new drug Cinqair as supplement asthma treatment" 

"FDA fights opioid epidemic with new warning labels" 

"Alaska butterfly hybrid provides link to geological past"

"Microsoft objectifies women at tech conference" 

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"My Goodness, my Guinness: no more fish bladders in brewing process" 

"Donald Trump and the media: a reality TV series" 

"Pornhub and college scholarships: the bare necessities" 

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"California regulators consider drilling proposal after oil spill" 

"Facebook alters video ad quotes after griping from marketers" 

"Company selling hacking software to Uncle Sam was hacked"

"Seven suspects questioned for 'El Chapo' drug kingpin escape"

"Poverty for children rising in America"

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HBO The Leftovers Season 2

"The Leftovers Season 2 Finale: ‘I Live Here Now’ Review"

“The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 8: ‘International Assassin’ Review” 

“The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 5: ‘No Room at the Inn’ Review”

Film Reviews and analyses

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"Time Out of Mind" review

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"True Detective Season 2 Finale: 'Omega Station' Review"

"True Detective Season 2 Episode 5: 'Other Lives' Review"

"True Detective Season 2 Episode 3: 'Maybe Tomorrow' Review"

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"Blue Caprice" movie review

"Captain Phillips" movie review